Surviving Disasters

“your worst disaster could become your greatest friend”

Our loved ones who may have been through worse disasters than us, when they tell us these words they mean it as comfort that whatever we go through will not last. If we survive it will make us stronger, and we should set in our heart to become a better person, not a bitter person. By acknowledging the positive even in the worst disaster one is set free from seeking revenge, and thus prolonging the psychic wound which follows the physical one. As the other expression goes, “if you seek revenge, dig two graves” (one for your opponent and one for yourself).

Disaster brings in change and this is also positive. If someone or something has caused the disaster we must not ignore and go back to the way things were before, but we must make the needed changes to avert the same disaster from happening again. This is evolution in response to the message from the universe.

Today, humanity is being stressed by global warming, fighting over resources; manufacturing war over beliefs, or just pure greed creating economic crises. As a result the world’s refugees and homeless have increased by many millions in the last two years alone. New Earth wants to do its part in helping the homeless to build their homes and communities to be disaster-proof; at least much more disaster resistant even if some aspects are still in research stages.

Usually in the midst of disaster we blame the wrong agent; we blame God, or Nature, or the other tribe, and then we make war on that. “war on drugs, war on terror, war on tsumanis and tornados…” until we look like a Don Quixote! It’s obvious that there is no exit from this blame game. The roots of disaster are not to be found this way. We must keep an open mind to find the roots of disaster and be willing to make the changes required to avoid it. For example, in our favorite field of architecture, buildings that are not built in harmony with gravity are a disaster waiting to happen – someday, whether by earthquake, fire or cyclone, or simply after hundreds of years of resisting the pull of gravity. One of the most insidious safety valves is thinking we have an insurance, but even the insurance companies have figured this out and exclude a disaster that is an “act of God”. Where does God fit in this picture? Is God responsible, or do we have some responsibility to make changes and build more safely. Being prepared in all areas of our life is what we must do. We do not own the waves, the earth or the planet. All we can do is listen to their message and prepare to live in an increasingly more harmonious way. As individuals we can only make some few changes, perhaps even only a change of heart and mind, but additively person by person change happens.

All that we need is here at every moment if we accept and see the earth anew.

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