New Earth UK offers:

– educational courses, seminars and workshops for private, community or public events

– seminars  on sustainable living practices for the person and the community

– seminars in Eco-Village construction

– architectural design with a focus on sustainable earth and ceramics

– online support

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From time to time there are enquiries if there is any relationship between New Earth UK and Cal-Earth Institute, since Iliona Outram Khalili is a one of our team and a founding member of New Earth UK. Iliona was a founding member of Cal-Earth with architect Nader Khalili, and developed the institute and its research with him from from it’s first day in 1991 all the way up to 2009. After leaving Cal-Earth in March 2009, she has not worked with Cal-Earth or any of its officers and representatives, nor does she gain any financial benefit from its educational products, fundraising drives, or licensing/franchising of the Superadobe technology. Iliona brings her years of experience, her knowledge, photographs, drawings, and philosophy, from her long association with Nader Khalili as his student, colleague, and wife. New Earth UK does not hold itself out to represent Cal-Earth or its work. We are simply doing our own work in the best way we can. To quote from “Racing Alone” by Nader Khalili, ” I touched my dreams in reality by racing and competing with no one but myself………We too are created not as masses to race, but as individuals to live and transcend. There is an endless reserve of strength in every human to reach his goal, if only this strength is spent in achieving rather than racing and competing”. This seems to be one the fundamentals of human community.

Sustainable Living Eco-Villages and Earth Architecture