Eco Village and Hands on workshop

“Every man and woman is a doctor and a builder,

to heal and shelter themselves” – Nader Khalili 

New Earth offers short course retreats in Sustainable Earth Architecture and Eco-Villages. We have a simple, professional approach and believe experience is the only teacher. You start learning how-to build your sustainable home, infrastructure, and eco-village, by hands-on exercises with the universal elements of earth, water, air and fire. Our practical medium draws on ancient traditions, especially masonry and ceramics, and seeks to offer innovative solutions to disasters such as homelessness, refugees from war and climate change, pollution and deforestation.

As a student on the retreat you will be asked to connect hands, heart, and mind to become the medium for research and insearch. We are not aiming to re-invent the wheel, or design extraordinary products; rather we seek to connect with universal scientific principles in everyday life and listen carefully to the message coming through the natural world, and combining in a simaple language.Getting grounded in the God-given environment is the first part of being able to go anywhere in the world, perhaps even in the universe, and improvise with what is around you to build sustainable, disaster proof homes and Eco-Villages.

Our teachers have learned from masters and have worked many years in the field. New Earth gives workshops and participates in projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. We maintain connections with groups around the world to facilitate progress and collaboration.

Our workshops are not limited to building alone, and include Sustainable Living workshops with a focus on surviving emergencies as well as workshops on Rumi, environment and spirituality.

“If you can sustain your own dreams and quests that is the start of a sustainable community.”







ÒBuilding HappinessÓ




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