Nepal earthquake survivors need transitional shelter, NOW !

After the magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April, and shook the continent from India to Bangladesh, more than 8,461 people have died and are 16,808 injured. More than 4,16,359 houses are damaged and mostof the people are sleeping out in tents unable to go back to their ruined homes. International aid agencies are on the ground helping them with food, medicine, water and more. Yet a pressing need for earthquake  victims’ families is safe, transitional shelter until the ruined homes can be repaired or re-built. Our team is going to Nepal IMMEDIATELY to teach and build “Emergency Sandbag Shelter”, a self-help transitional shelter system which has passed the strictest seismic tests in California and won the Aga Khan Award for architecture. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO TEACH LOCAL PEOPLE TO BUILD SHELTER IMMEDIATELY! The whole world is donating in every way they can. Among 5 basic needs, after food and clothes they need SHELTER. And YOU have a chance to help them in this very crucial TIME & SPACE. How about donating the value of your morning cup of  tea or coffee?


WORKSHOP IN THE CAFE: “Surviving in the 21st century”

Dear New Earthers,

Welcome in series of WORKSHOP IN THE CAFE: “Surviving in the 21st century”, going to Conducted by Architect Iliona Outram Khalili and Aktanin Khair Tanin.

Let’s celebrate our lives on this earth with its knowledge in this 2 hours workshop on how to survive in this global natural disaster and manmade crisis with freely available natural elements like earth, air , water and fire.

Date and Time




Pomme de Pain – UK

260 Tottenham Court Road,



(1 min walk from Tottenham Court Road Station and 2 min walk from Goodge Street Station by Northernline tube, opposite of Barclays Bank)



Adult £8

Student £5

Surviving 2012 & Beyond Book £5

( All the money will go to Nepal Earthquake Charity)


Aktanin Khair Tanin